Monday, August 31, 2009

MUSIC: It's Not Just Bush!

The song "It's Not Just Bush" exposes the establishment-dominated world we live in. Both Democratic and Republican parties are "corporate parties," driven by money interests, while giving voice to the myth of a democratic society. This hard-driving acoustic music by Ryan Harvey is raw on many levels and well worth the 3-minute listen.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Establishment Position on Health Care

Obama took the establishment "middle of the road" position on health care reform, and look where it got him? He is capitulating on a public option. My message to President Obama:

By taking the middle of the road on health care, your "compromise" position is falling far short of meaningful reform. I'm urging my representatives to say "no" to any legislation that does not have a strong public option.

I am tired of the establishment controlling everything from the media, to the financial system, to the health care system, to our system of government. So, the message is, "fight for a public option or start over." The next time, take the far left position of which you're being accused, then compromise in the middle. This is negotiation 101.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


A "Golpista" is someone or an institution that is in favor of a coup. The word is receiving a lot of use in Honduras these days.

Judging from the widely accepted view that the US has ample influence to reverse the coup d'etat in Hounduras if it wanted to, it appears the US government is a "golpista" too. But the US has chosen not to use that influence.

Why doesn't this come as a surprise? Because the US and Honduran establishments are golpistas and they run their respective governments. This is described by ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya:

The coup in Honduras was made by a group of ambitious businessmen that want to maintain their privileges associated to multinational companies with political puppets and corrupt military. Trying to give it an ideological tint—left, right, Chavism, US right—is an intent to change the face of the coup and to distract attention to other ideological problems, when the problem are the economic privileges of the sectors that want to maintain it.

In other words, the golpistas are, in large part, individuals and institutions of the establishment. They want to maintain their power and wealth.

There are probably other words for the uninformed middle and lower class people who are duped or coerced into supporting the coup d'etat, but I don't know those words. In this country we call them Sarah Palin followers.


Photo Credit, and teacher of the word "Golpista": Sandra Cuffe. More Photos by S. Cuffe

Saturday, August 1, 2009

On American Exceptionalism

Why does the issue of American Exceptionalism matter?

First, it's worth clarifying that American Exceptionalism isn't simply "patriotism." It is perfectly healthy to root for the home team, but that's different than having delusions of god-given, or founding-father given greatness. Taking pride in our country, and trying to make it good, doesn't necessitate mythologies that promote a false sense of unique, superior position among other nations. Exceptionalism is a belief in the later, which is different than healthy pride in one's nation.

I'll be exploring "exceptionalism" in Episode 17 of GDAE Podcast. It is relevant to challenging the establishment, because the myths of American Exceptionalism are used by members and institutions of the establishment to maintain their exceptional positions.... at the expense of the masses.

I'll be including audio clips from Media Matters that delve into they way ingrained beliefs in American Exceptionalism colors news reporting and other aspects of media. This exceptionalsm has many negative side effects. For example, the United States justifies hundreds of military basese across the world, the use of military force and horrific "collateral damage" on the basis of exceptionalism.

As another example, Americans have been led to believe that "we are great by definition," which creates the social attitude of a nation resting on its laurels. This malaize is expressed in the US falling behind other nations in education, health care, infrastructure and the knowledge to maintain its more complex elements, national debt and many other things.

We can care for our community, whether it be local or national, without having false notions of grandure. Because false myths of American exceptionalism are used to rally a national "manifest destiny" militancy, and quell dissent of people challenging our government and major US corporations, we must challenge the myths themselves.