Tuesday, August 4, 2009


A "Golpista" is someone or an institution that is in favor of a coup. The word is receiving a lot of use in Honduras these days.

Judging from the widely accepted view that the US has ample influence to reverse the coup d'etat in Hounduras if it wanted to, it appears the US government is a "golpista" too. But the US has chosen not to use that influence.

Why doesn't this come as a surprise? Because the US and Honduran establishments are golpistas and they run their respective governments. This is described by ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya:

The coup in Honduras was made by a group of ambitious businessmen that want to maintain their privileges associated to multinational companies with political puppets and corrupt military. Trying to give it an ideological tint—left, right, Chavism, US right—is an intent to change the face of the coup and to distract attention to other ideological problems, when the problem are the economic privileges of the sectors that want to maintain it.

In other words, the golpistas are, in large part, individuals and institutions of the establishment. They want to maintain their power and wealth.

There are probably other words for the uninformed middle and lower class people who are duped or coerced into supporting the coup d'etat, but I don't know those words. In this country we call them Sarah Palin followers.


Photo Credit, and teacher of the word "Golpista": Sandra Cuffe. More Photos by S. Cuffe

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