Friday, July 3, 2015

Bernie Sanders, Ten-Thousand Strong in Maddison

Speaking truth to power is a challenge to the establishment. That is what you get with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, 2016 presidential candidate.

He's not a pretty-boy candidate. Bernie Sanders is a candidate of by and for the common people. The Hill reports:
Democrats close to Clinton aren’t sounding the alarm over Sanders just yet. They believe he has a low ceiling of support that doesn’t extend beyond the anti-establishment contingent.
That could be wishful thinking. Sanders just packed a stadium in Madison, Wisconsin with 10,000 people. That's impressive this early in the campaign season. This event gained the attention of CNNNBC News, Washington Post, to name a few establishment news media outlets that felt they couldn't ignore the event.

We'll keep an eye on this candidate who challenges the establishment.
 Bernie Sanders in Madision, WI 7/1/15

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