Monday, February 8, 2010

CU v FEC: A Blessing in Disguise?

The US Supreme Court decision in CU v FEC might be a blessing in disguise... it is helping to educate and galvanize people to the real issue. That is, we need to replace bounds on corporate rights (corps. used to be very tightly controlled... for reasons that have become obvious as those controls have been loosened). The campaign finance reform movement is a tangible way to motivate progress on the multi-generational struggle to change our power relationship with corporations.

One challenge we face is that corporations are chartered by states not the fed... the Supreme Court found in Dartouth College (1819) that a corporate charter is a contract. Contracts, like property rights, are sacred cows (unless of course it's a contract with a labor union). So, controlling the scope of corporate charters is spread across states... the fed might be able to place bounds on state charters of corporations, but I'm not sure.

The folks at the Program on Corpoations, Law and Democracy would know (


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