Sunday, February 28, 2010

Open Letter to DCCC

Historically my family has leaned toward the Democratic Party. However, as the various branches of government have been captured by corporate power, we feel that no party represents our views.

Pundits are saying the Democratic Party is too liberal and needs to steer toward "the center." This conflicts with surveys of public opinion, which, for example, have shown strong support for a single-payer health care system and a majority in favor a public option. The "center" has been pulled far to the right by the Reagan revolution and re-enforced by a corporate media with financial interests in a center skewed to the right.

The Democratic Party has become a prisoner of this corrupted system. So, we the people are asking ourselves, "Why perpetuate this system by supporting a party that has been captured by corporate interests? Why support a party apparently too weak to take principled stands? Would it not be better in the long run to let the corrupt system crash of its own weight and then re-build on a fresh foundation?"

Unless you can convince me, and many like me, that the Democratic Party is willing, and able, to take principled stands, then many of us will stay home for the mid-term elections. Many will do so in disgust. Others will take their chances with deeper change that comes from letting Sarah Palin and the Tea Party take control with the inevitable crash alluded to above.

Allowing such a collapse would entail many sacrifices, much like a war; however, this wouldn't be a war for corporate and establishment interests. The sacrifice would be to rid us of the undemocratic corporate powers and their corrupting influences.

The Democratic Party needs to find its bedrock principles, voice them and hold to them. Is the Party for the people or for the corporations? Unfortunately, evidence strongly suggests that it cannot be for both.


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