Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Same Sentiments in UK

The sentiment that led me to create this blog is widely held. A recent post on Falling on a Bruise Blog provides an example.

The post kicks off with:

The Queen has spoken and the UK election is finally underway...

Of course, reality quickly sets in:

By nature i'm a Labour voter but since the Iraq War, i can't bring myself to vote for them until all remnants of that tainted cabinet have been expunged. It really irks me how they speak out afterwards but went along with it at the time.

Then, he closes with a sentiment that I felt when I started this blog:

Democracy sucks when the only choices are between continuing to get shafted by one guy or to get shafted by the new guy.


Falling on a Bruise
Blog, UK Election Decisions, April 7, 2010.


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  1. It does seem a common call from around the world that our politicians really should be the last people we should be trusting with such important decisions.