Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Challenging the US Establishment on Hoduras Coup

International Crime Pays. I'm talking about coup-installed "President,"Arias of Honduras. US State Department spokesman Phillip Crowley calls him "President."

Sure, plenty of people are blogging on the US involvement in the coupe, and some of it is probably true. The US State Department is bestowing a dignity on the Honduras oligarchy by calling their illegally-installed man the "president."

Want to connect another dot? It sounds like the US State Department placing a finger on the scales in favor of the coup:

Spokesman Crowley (July 23): "[W]e think that what President Arias has put forward is a very good step towards resolving this peacefully and restoring democratic and constitutional order to Honduras. If you go through what President Arias has proposed, it would restore President Zelaya to power. It would form a government of national reconciliation. It would accelerate the schedule of presidential elections. It would cease any steps towards a constitutional referendum.

Imagine.... You are a duly elected president with a significant amount of time left in your term. Then one day you are illegally, physically forced out of your country (a coup). Then the coup leaders offer you the opportunity to come back for a shorter term, cutting off the people's opportunity to vote on whether or not to have a constitutional convention, and having to share power with the criminals who should be indicted and tried for their illegal coup plot.

This is blatant international establishment back-scratching. The question isn't "whether" the US is complicit; if the US wanted the rightful president of Honduras back in power, it could make it happen in a matter of a few days. No. The US is taking advantage of the situation, and in doing so, showing the establishment colors. This spectacle is an awareness raising opportunity.

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