Thursday, July 16, 2009

Turn Our Backs on the Establishment

A friend was saying, "You can't challenge the establishment, they are too strong." "You have to simply turn your back on them."

The context of our discussion was actually a global perspective on "the establishment." That is, US financial and monetary "establishment" versus the rest of the world. In that context, my friend's point was that other nations are not challenging the dollar as the international reserve currency, but they are walking away it as best they can.

OK. I admit this example is a stretch, but it's the concept that's important. It's also consistent with the Three-Element Strategy for Activism. One element is to "Identify and Invest in Alternatives to the Status Quo." The effect of this strategic element is to turn your back on the establishment.

Lets say you've been doing your banking with Bank of America. Then someone starts a truly community-based bank and you switch your banking to the community bank. You've turned your back on B of A.

Same thing if you switch your shopping away from main-stream grocers who get their food from mega agri business, and begin shopping a local food coops and farmers markets. There are numerous examples of how we can "turn our backs on the establishment." Alternative media is another.

But to what effect? If we take the long view, that we are in a multi-generational struggle like the struggle against slavery, then strategies like this don't seem so crazy.

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